Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ethic, honesty, transparency

On the Sunday supplement of La Repubblica, I have found this amazing story.
Guillaume Prébois, a 35 years old journalist, will participate to the Grand Boucle, the Tour the France.
He will run the legs of the Tous one day in advance under medical control and making the anti doping control everyday.
The purpose is to show that too many athletes do use addictive drugs to be faster.
Fabio Biasolo, a ultracycler, will support him in this adventure.
We can follow him at

It all started when Tom Boonen, the world champion, at the end of one mountain leg of last Tour de France, said: "today the leg was so tough that a normal person would have gone to hospital"

Why I do post about this story?
  1. Because I feel that this could be a great chance for companies to sponsor the clean face of a much discussed sport. Masiguy had some post on the dope issue. (see May 25, 2007)
  2. It is a great marketing chance to link your brand to a project where ethic, honesty, transparency are the goals.
  3. It is a strong message to all the amateurs of this sport, which has a huge market, about your brand and its positioning as a trusted one.

Is your brand in the position to support a project like this?
Is there around other projects like this one that could deliver to your brand?
And last, if Guillaume had asked support to your company, what would have been your answer?


Valeria Maltoni said...

Bravo, Gianandrea. This is exactly what we need more of. Enthusiasm, dedication and sportsmanship for the values we hold dear -- honesty in competition and excellence in fitness. Imagine if companies held themselves to this high standard of clarity and focus -- winning cleanly.

gianandrea said...

valeria, thanks for the comment. i feel that this is where a company willing to emerge from the competitors should point at. and i think that lewis should love this story the most: it's all about what he pray for in the business world.

Lewis Green said...


My father, a famous local athlete, raised me and taught all those he coached that playing the game the right way is more important than winning. It never occurred to me that other's would cheat to win. Shame of them. I cheer for the good guys. said...

Bravo again, Gianandrea. I know this cyclist, Guillaume Prébois (know his dad, who is going to spend his time driving the 'follow' car at 30 km/h every day of the 'Other Tour de France' behind the two cyclists). Sure hope Guillaume makes it and hope the sporting world takes note of the concept: honesty in competition. What a GREAT idea he has had! Thanks to you for your passing on the word and your support of the values Guillaume is representing.

gianandrea said...

thanks lewis and merle. honesty and transparency are rare goods, today.