Friday, May 09, 2008

Why Italy is a small country

Lately, an Italian blogger an journalist, Marco Montemagno, sent out invitation for the launch of Current, Al Gore's tv channel.
Invitation was limited in numbers.
This created a huge discussion in the blogosphere: why he invited him and not me, why I'm not mentioned, etc.
The situation was really embarassing to me, as I watch the blogsphere from my specific point of view of being italian but living the international blogosphere and blogging in english (at least, I'm trying to do so).
My feeling was of a small world of jealousy, poor or not at all sens of community, no willing to share.

On the other side of the Ocean, a very good friend and blogging star (quoted in the The New York Times), Tim Jackson aka Masiguy had an horrible crush in cycling race.
The unofficial community of bloggers, lead by Blue squirrel, start to support him with thoughts, prays and money (the US medical system is rather expensive, to say the least).
A Paypal account was established in 24 hours, comments flocked to the blogger keeping the community updated on Tim's health condition.

The Web and the new form of communication are all about sharing, sharing knowledge, sharing friendship, sharing experience.

And I begun to think if this model could never been established in this small italian blogosphere.
And I have no answer.


Toby said...

Your English blog writing is quite wonderful! I am thinking that since, as you wrote, social media is all about "sharing, sharing knowledge, sharing friendship, sharing experience" that must be the same in any language and in any country. And the flip side is in any country there will be people who don't understand it .. yet. Bizandbuzz is a great example of how we can turn oceans of distance into little rain puddles.

Cam Beck said...

Gianadrea -

I think you do have the answer. It may not progress as quickly as you wish, but you showed up. You continue to show up. You continue to participate, contribute, and listen.

And your reach is global.

However, just as you must let tea steep before you drink it, so must you let your community brew a bit before they can see and value what you're doing.

And it wouldn't hurt to periodically meet with your Italian counterparts, if you all have similar or compatible goals.

You're doing a wonderful job. And there are many on this side of the pond who greatly appreciate your presence.

gianandrea said...

Toby, Cam, thanks for words.
I do probably write this post because I just met some local counterparts.....
No, ok, forget about it.
I owe you a lot because this community shows that there is no need of a badge to be part of something. And learning from your blogs is an amazing experience to me.

Marco Montemagno said...

Totally wrong post sorry!

"Invitation was limited in numbers." is not true since online registration was open to eveybody.

Please check the facts before posting, thx.

Monty :)

ps: good blog!

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Grazie mille, bello.

The injuries will heal and I will be back on the bike as soon as possible. I promise to return.

The outpouring of support has been nothing less than amazing. I can never find the words to thank all of my many wonderful friends.

gianandrea said...

Marco, thanks for your comment. I was reporting what was written in some blogs. And, by the way, for what I know the seats were limited by the audience of the theatre. Anyway I'm not questioning the limitation or not of the invitation but the way blogosphere approached an opportunity. I would have loved to have people twittering or live blogging (maybe this happened and I simply do not know) for all the bloggers that cannot attend and sharing the experience. And bloggers remained outside the hall to use attending bloggers to ask for question.
I'm happy you like the blog.
Tim, it's a real pleasure to read you. Recover well and soon, my friend.

shinoyan said...

Ho visto il tuo sito, molto piacevole sito. Si prega di collegamenti a me.