Thursday, May 15, 2008

New conversation, new meaning to words

There are words that had changed their meaning as time pass by.
And there are words that are changing it or that are just on their way to do so.

One of this may be awareness.
In marketing and advertising, awareness is the indicator of how known is a brand, a product.
Some equation:

a) The higher the adv. budget, the higher the awareness.
b) The higher the awareness, the easier to sell a good.

The quest for awareness has been the engine of the advertising world in the last, say, 30/40 years, maybe more, and the pillar of the marketing activities.

Today, I would like to suggest a new meaning in marketing for the word awareness.

Awareness as understanding, insight, knowledge.

The new awareness related to the Web 2.0 and social media that companies must develop not through massive adv. investment but through a real comprehension of their inner strenghten and weakness, of the inner nature of their brands and products, and more and more crucial the true perception and sentiment of the common people towards you, your company, your brand.

A time consuming scanning process, someone may say.
A wise investment, I would call it.

This is, to me, the awareness that companies should look for because it’s via this awareness that they can enter in markets more and more fragmented with a discerning approach.


Valeria Maltoni said...

In other words, companies need to learn to be human again. It used to be an advantage (and a protection) to be anonymous; it used to be better to look unassailable. Today they are a sure path to diminished returns.

gianandrea said...

Valeria, thanks for your comment. Yes, the human factor is turning to be crucial as well as the capability to talk to and listen for.

Pookie Martin said...

The vocabulary of traditional adspeak -- impressions, awareness, etc. -- is blown out of the water in the Web 2.0 world. In the traditional ad world, as Gianandrea says, awareness is practically the end game, and ad agencies need not live up to any accountability beyond that.

Today, based on an overall higher desired level of interaction, which has ramped up in Web 2.0-land, consumers want to have more of an online relationship with their chosen brands. Awareness is really just the beginning -- and, as in real life, the brands that can take their relationship to next level are really the ones that win.

gianandrea said...

Pookie, thanks for your comment.
Yes, awareness is just one the word that are changing their meaning in the Web 2.0 world.