Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The myth of working less or die trying

While there is someone out there cashing on the myth of working far less, no more than 4 hours a week, most of marketers, communicators, advertisers, agencies all over the world do work far more.

I have some thoughts I want to share with you:

- fragmentation is urging to get not only the big pictures but all the pixels, too

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- matching new forms of communication with old business and reporting models does seem a try to break a Guinness world record of people squeezed in a phone boot
- conversation with customers does call for a far deeper knowledge of your business and your company: you never know what kind of question or issue may arise and must be quick in answering

Some answers?

- To spread the company culture
- To create internal metrics to measure the success of marketing activity
- To implement online marketing suites to manage complexity of data
- To shift and delegate brand image activity to internal evangelists
- To support external evangelists

There is a common ground in all these answers: knowledge.
Today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, knowledge is and will be the most valuable asset to work better, if not less.

Knowing before and anticipating issues and catching opportunity is the way to stay ahead.
You should no longer surf the waves but, as extreme skiers do, run ahead the avalanche.
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Mario Vellandi said...

Although the nature of work and how it fits into our lifestyle has enlarged, the fundamental attitude and spirit has not changed.

The best thing I took away from Tim Ferris's book was personal productivity habits and a resolute attitude. When combined with David Allen's 'Getting Things Done', and some additional advice I picked up here and there (along with physical exercise & meditation)...it makes for a powerful way to channel more energy into activities that build revenue and happy customers.

gianandrea said...

Mario, thanks for your comment. Meditation and physical exercise are two very good starting point for a better life. While I do not like Ferris way, which sounds to me false and misleading, I think Allen's approach is far more realistic.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

You are right- knowledge is and always will be King.

gianandrea said...

Tim is such a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks for your comment.