Thursday, April 10, 2008

Integrated marketing and the brave new world

Apparently, advertising agencies are revamping the integrated marketing approach trying to incorporate the web 2.0 brave new world function in it.

This may prove to be a rather poor way to squeeze some money out of a field they do not own nor fully understand.
But it is a sign of weakness. Strategically, if the web 2.0 activities must go along with the advertising activities it does not mean that advertising should lead the pack.
The strategy should turn from advertising to communication and communication is led by the vehicle most suitable to deliver it. And this is not necessarily advertising.

This consideration lead to a crucial question to clients and consultants: who should retain the leadership of the project?
Once it was the adv agency account. Now he is revenue driven by his own boss bottom line and this may not coincide with client's best interest.

More than in the past, the web 2.0 and the communication tools of the next years call for a bigger involvement of the client structure. But is clients ready to play this role? Do they have the resources to get into the game?

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Mario Vellandi said...

It appears that companies will first need to be aware that it is their responsibility in the new media age, to not simply outsource integrated marketing programs. In other words, the importance of having sufficient internal resources is greater than ever before.

But how will this happen? It is antithetical to an agency's nature to proactively establish boundaries and encourage clients to develop the skills & resources necessary for a cooperative relationship.

The only alternative I see, is agencies sending staff to live & work on client location, so as to be an integral part of the culture and organization. This is what the large IT consulting firms do. It's not a perfect solution, but it can work for a short while. Naturally, this is only viable for very large companies.