Monday, August 27, 2007

Turn the table and see what happens

While some commenters, such as CK and Lewis Green, make efforts to understand why so many products made in China are dangerous to our health and where the responsibilities are, the Chinese government is turning the table and shifting every responsibilities on the western companies.

My personal opinion is:

  1. western companies are indeed liable for concentrating only on saving money but with no control on method, rules to achieve the financial result
  2. the Chinese government shows once more that in a country without democracy it's rather difficult to hear voices admitting problems and corruption is higher than everywhere else
China is currently manufacturing most of the products sold around the world but at what price:

  1. a high rate of pollution and, as we know, pollution does not know borders and this is a price we are going to pay sooner or later
  2. a significant number of concerns about quality and safety for these products, food, garments, toys, etc.
  3. an incredible number of infringments of copyright and patent laws; a German car magazine, Automobilwoche, claims today that BMW and Daimler are issuing legal actions to avoid the exhibition of three chinese cars equal to three model produced in Germany, just to mention the last
  4. the civil, human and animal rights are bypassed every single day

Am I a bit paranoic?
Or are we just running without considering in whole the consequences of what's going on?
What's your opinion?

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