Friday, August 17, 2007

Would you.......(1)

Everyday hundreds of thousands of animals are slaughtered for the only purpose of men.
Food, skin, furs everything that can create a benefit to men.
But is this sacrifice worth?
The cruelty of men is justified by the need of food? Shouldn’t we pay a tribute to these animals and ensure to them a soft death?

All these questions are not new to me but, lately, had become more and more crucial, especially after having seen frames from Fast food nation.

We are so entangled in the quest of food at cheap price, the we lost the sense of the rituality.

In the past, the sacrifice of the animals were full of this rituality and had a extremely high value.
Today we are cruel without even think about it.

Would you be willing to pay a premium for food coming by a company investing on a gentle death for animals?

Or you just don’t give a damn?

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Simone said...

I agree that we generally lost the connection with the roots of what we eat.
That's why 10 years ago I became vegetarian. I just can't stand eating what I wouldn't have the guts to kill. Unfortunately I'm not as good at making "softer" distinctions like good or bad death. I guess if I had to chose I would prefer a good death but my first choice would be not to die anyway.
So yeah, if I weren't vegetarian I would pay more to a "nice-killing" company. I would also pay a lot more for vegetarian-proof stuff. Unfortunately it seems economics aren't working for there's such a shortage of that...