Friday, March 23, 2007

Pedro and the customer attitude

(Clone, one of my dogs)

Few days ago, before I left for few days out (sorry, no vacation) I saw a small dog known in the neighborhood. He carries a small tag with written on: My name is Pedro, I live in the parking area and I'm not lost. He is used to go around by himself. Well few days ago, he was following a young lady (dog, of course) very far from home. I saw him from the bus and got worried about his chance to get back home alive: he was crossing a very busy street.
The day later I saw him walking close to home in very good shape and safe.

Pedro has the customer attitude, the new customer attitude:
  1. he goes by himself
  2. he follows his instinct
  3. he looks for new experience
  4. he knows what he want
  5. he doesn't get lost
Do you want to get new customers? Leave your desk and talk to people.
Do you want to retain your customers? Engage them in new experience and keep conversation alive.
Do you want to lose them? Try to put a leash on them. They will bite you.


Mack Collier said...

"Do you want to lose them? Try to put a leash on them. They will bite you."

Beautiful G!

gianandrea said...

mack, when training my dogs the trainer is used to remember us that after few minutes the dogs lose concentration. how many seconds need for a customer to lose his/her interest? to keep him/her engaged you have be seductive and change the rules of this attraction. it's a smooth action not a forced one.

Mack Collier said...

A few minutes? Does this mean the dogs are smarter than we customers? ;) As content becomes available in more forms and we have more control over how that content is delivered to us, I believe our attention span for content that intrudes on our space, shortens dramatically. And I agree, giving us something in a new way at least draws our attention and gives the message a fighting chance, if not for a few more seconds. But if the message is compelling and relevant, that's probably enough.

gianandrea said...

woof, woof (ie: yes).
just think about the lenght of the songs: the mtv generation cannot listen for a 10 minutes songs we did in the 70s and part of the 80s.
a brand or a company is given just few seconds to get the grip. when these seconds are lost, they have to start again from the very beginning.

Gavin said...

Some of my customers are dogs too!

Excellent post, G!

gianandrea said...

and dogs are more obedient....

Lewis Green said...

Pedro can teach us a lot. Gianandrea, I am so glad you are back posting. I missed you!

gianandrea said...

lewis, i think that there is a lot to learn from nature and from other animals. we just have to pay attention to.

Anil P said...

Spirit at its most original. They still have it while we mortgaged ours to many things.

Long live Pedro.

gianandrea said...

anil, thanks for your comment. you are right: original spirit. we probably have lost it and should recover it.