Monday, March 26, 2007

Gigamiles or thousands of bytes

This is the kind of a moment when you wish that sci-fi was already reality and you can get transferred across the ocean in seconds.
That kind of stuff that you can see in Battlestar Galactica or Startrek.

Like this one:

Because last Friday, in New York City, some of the best brains around (and some of them are charming ladies, too) met for a party.

So, what?
I was several thousands miles far from.

Still I'm a lucky guy because when we blog i do not feel the distance.


want pictures?

the manhattan connection: it's a fact magic can happen


CK said...

Next stop...Roma, Baby! And Zen and Clone will hang with us as I can think of no bigger delight than to hang with friends, both bloggy and furry.

Give kisses to the pooches.

Lewis Green said...

I'm only 75 miles away but was unable to make the party due to having to travel to Boston. Boo Hoo! So, I agree with CK: When's the Rome party?

gianandrea said...

roma can be a great spot. let me look for a sponsor...

Valeria Maltoni said...

Roma it is! We talked about you, you had to know we would do that. All great things, of course.

Matt Dickman said...

It really is amazing how immediate the connections made through blogging are. Gianandrea - it would have been great to meet you, but a Rome trip sounds like a blast!

gianandrea said...

matt, as all of you are keen to go to rome, i'd like to get to new york city.....
valeria, you have to send to me a detailed report of the evening. if this brat pack is going to move to rome i need to know how much cocktails and wine i have to prepare.