Monday, February 05, 2007

why i'm not going to see these movies

in a world jammed with visual experience, different ways of entertainment fruition, peer-to-peer, dvds, etc., the movies majors try on one side to drive us to theatre to see their products and on the other side to block the circulation of the same products.

in all these efforts money focussed , it seems they have lost the creative push to differentiate, to create engagement, to thrill the audience.

this morning in my feeder i got this image of new movie trailers.
five out of fourteen movies have the same display: black background, one or two words in silver or gold and that's it.
  1. disturbia is about a serial killer
  2. rescue dawn is the story of an american pilot in vietnam
  3. hot fuzz is the story of a policeman detached in a place where he discover that the local hero is not such a hero
  4. live free or die hard is the fourth episode of the die hard saga
  5. sunshine is the about a space mission
with plots so different how comes that the ads are so equal?
yes, probably one or two of these movies will earn big money but it won't be for this creative approach, no doubt about it.


Lewis Green said...


I think that generally advertising finds itself confused, frustrated and in a stupor.

Can't today's copy writers and advertising art directors create great headlines and exciting images for movies? It doesn't seem that difficult a task.

Pier said...

Gianandrea, I'm sure you were thinking of me...and not only, when writing this post. After working for yearsw with studios such as Dreamworks, Paramount, Universal, the impression I've got is that they are turning conservative: they are not selling new products, in fact quite often they look afraid that the public may perceive a new movie as a brand new experience. On the contrary, they aim to make movies comparable to previous titles in order to optimize margins. Creativity is not an option!

gianandrea said...

lewis and pier, thanks for your comments. i feel that if the episode number 24 of indiana jones will be a failure, no one will be blamed because there was proven track that it should be a success. but if the episode 1 and only of any other movie is a failure, then you'll be blamed because we live in a society in which taking a risk is not so wise.