Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nothing Can Stop It, Janey Girl!

In answering a comment from BobG to my latest post about five reasons why we blog, I found myself defining the blogosphere as a fluid environment. And, as any fluid environment, it can be a friendly one or a mortal one. As it was for Blob, yes that Blob.

When entering into the blogosphere, the first feeling is to be in someway lost, without a compass nor a scout to drive you around.
It' s not easy to admit it, but I'm rather confident that this was the first feeling for almost all of us. And if it is difficult for us as individuals, let's figure out how challenging should be to a company. I believe that this is mainly why we see so many different approach to this fast changing world.
  • companies acting as landlord of the coal mine to defend feudal rights
  • companies hiding themselves behind their history and brands
  • companies trying to stop sea waves with a wall made of sand
  • companies jumping on the bandwagon when it's already late
  • companies brave enough not to be scared by the changes
  • companies understanding the Darwin laws
  • companies perceiving the add-ons
One thing is very clear: nothing can stop it, Janey Girl!

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Lewis Green said...


Mid-sized and large businesses are built within on a series of gatekeepers, each one responsible for only opening the communications gate when deemed appropriate.

Changing cultures is the most stressful change within any business. And blogging first requires a culture change.

mindblob said...

Hi Gianandrea,

WOW! I'm impressed. Never thought I would read an article like this one with "The Blob" as reference.

Check this link , it is the very first post post I posted back in june 2006. And, yes, I agree with you, it has been growing and still is. And yes, nothing can stop it!

I also agree with Lewis, blogging, as well as mkg 2.0, requires a culture change and opening the gates. ; )

gianandrea said...

culture change is the key for a better life enviroment, on and off line.
and i find great that we mentioned the same movie but we got two different displays.

mindblob said...

Agree. Don't know if you have seen this movie lately? When I watched it (last year) I was surprised by the (huge) gap of social behaviour (culture?) between the youth contemporary to the film and the youth now. Stunning!

Let's start a "The Blob" display and illustration club. ; )

gianandrea said...

this is fun:a collection of displays and images from blob. let' s start looking for them.