Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Social media insights via a social network

My Plurkaddiction is eventually generating some interesting insights about Social Media and their application in the business world.

Along with fellows plurkers Geoff Livingston, Frank Martin , Sonny Gil, Amber Naslund generated a conversation about the impact of Social Media on jobs other than Marketing: Sales and Business development, Customer and client services, Product and Brand managers.

The list is truly comprehensive and I wish to share with you all.
Enjoy the reading.


Amber said...

Hi Gianandrea,

The Plurk community has really been invaluable to me in learning, sharing, and discovering so much more about social media. These lists are truly a community effort. I'm so glad that Plurk has given you and I a chance to connect.


gianandrea said...

Amber, I find Plurk a better mean of communication for me. Not only for chatting with friends but for sharing and learning. Thanks for joining.