Monday, July 28, 2008

The Medium was the message. Your company is the message, now.

A discussion about Corporate reputation in Maurizio Goetz's blog, generated the idea for this post.

I do monitor the web for my clients, trying to learn something about their market, their brands and their products that they do not know.
The customers' sentiment, the perception and the reputation of their company.
How people does live them.

And today I read a Maurizio's post and a comment saying: "Il messaggio è sempre responsabilità di chi lo emette" (You are always responsible for the message you send).
This is the naked truth.
And this is mostly true for companies today and, more, in the days to come.

In a case history I have in FMCG food market, we discovered that a product from an Italian company is always seen better that a similar one from a multinational corporation.
The multinational corporation is represented mostly as not trasparent, not honest.
This means that the same product may have different life under different labels.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the Italian company is a multinational, too, but this is not perceived at all and this keeps its products in a safer position.

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