Monday, July 21, 2008

24 years later...

Do you remember the ad 1984 from Apple and the messages that it delivered?
If not, give a look here.

Than, 24 years later, give a look at the rate plan to purchase an IPhone and think for a moment: where all those messages have gone? where the think different approach has gone?

To purchase an IPhone , you are forced to subscribe a plan with selected companies that are overcharging the cost of the navigation in internet and most of the services that are the main reason to want an IPhone. You may say: right, this is the market.
But pricing is the same across different companies, there is no competition, no free market.
Users are bundled in a cost trap.

This time the apple is poisoned.


Luc Debaisieux said...

Buongiorno Gian,
Yes, I do definitely remember the 1984 ad. Wow! That one was a kick-booster when it came out, wasn't it?

Regarding today's situation, I agree with you about the iPhone forced bundle-to-operator. Makes no sense and goes against Apple-fans' freedom. But hey... there are (easy) ways out of it. Ever heard of the Dev Team? ; )

gianandrea said...

Luc, you are always a source for cool information. I do not know about Dev Team. Tell me more about it.