Thursday, June 12, 2008

Long live Plurk

I fell in love with Plurk.
I have never been so much found of Twitter.

I tried, really, I tried
But after having heard Twitter boss saying their path was not so clear to themselves (at Le Web3 conference in Paris, last December) I begun to think that maybe Twitter was a good idea with a poor execution.

Yesterday, we experienced several problems with a message saying Twitter had exceed its capacity so it was impossible to log in!!!!!
So we gathered on Plurk.

Maybe we will experience issue over there, too, sooner or later but until now it's pure fun.
If you are there, just become friends (our karma will benefit from this).
If you haven't try it, give a look at it.

What's your opinion about Plurk and Twitter?


Connie Reece said...

I'm still loyal to Twitter -- or rather to the many friends I have there. It's allowed me to build a strong network. But I really enjoy the ability to have conversations on Plurk.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

I doubt I'll be tearing my Twitter membership card up, but Plurk has won me over. I like the way they seem to be listening to the community grow. They are not problem-free, but they seem to be less unaware than the Twitter team. OK... heading back to Plurk now. I'll see you there.

gianandrea said...

Connie: I see Twitter losing some grounds vs Plurk when I think about teens. the environment is far more friendly and the emoticons make it closer to the teens language.

Tim: you a king in plurkland with a lot of fans. You do not need to tear Twitter card up. They are doing it for you everytime you try to get connected and the system is kicking you out.

Lewis Green said...


I haven't tried Plurk and not sure I want to. I use social media primarily to learn from others and to share my prespective on marketing and communications. My time on Twitter is limited to about 15 minutes a day, mostly looking for good links and conversation related to the world of business, with some exceptions.

gianandrea said...

Lewis, thanks for your comment. While I agree about the time limitation for Twitter or Plurk, I believe that it's just a matter of time to see Plurk becoming an interesting ecosystem for business, more interesting than Twitter. The fact that Twitter has just ended a round of financing to improve tech background is a sign of the weakness of the company and of the pressure that Plurk is creating to them.