Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still able to eat meat?

This video from Repubblica may have nothing to do with marketing, er, wait a minute this could have a lot to do with marketing.
Imagine you are approaching your favourite restaurant or fast food. You already feel the taste of a filet or a double hamburger or whatever is your meat plat du jour.
You sit down, got connected wireless and look at these images.
Two option:

  1. your restaurant provide you with a certificate that the meat you eat come from places where animals are treated well and killed softly
  2. your restaurant cannot exclude that the meat you are going to eat come from places where cruelty is the routine
In case #2, are you still able to eat that meat?

That's why this has to do with marketing.
Because in a world more and more conscious of the need of a fair treatment of the world, this may become a lethal weapon for your competitors.
To apply ethic principles at every step of the production is a must for all the companies. And it will be vital, at least I hope so, for all the business.

Me? After having seen the video, it's two days that I eat only vegetables.
No, I'm not turning to be vegetarian. But I'm thinking a lot about it because of video like these.


Anonymous said...


Excellent commentary. We should, no must, be able to trust that our food and all products and services will do no harm. I urge all your readers to buy only from ethical businesses.

gianandrea said...

Lewis, thanks for your comment. Being able to know that the rights of humans and animals are respected is a must for an advanced society.

Anonymous said...

Here is another horrible video if your interested: http://meat.org
What can I say, hope you make the right decision.

gianandrea said...

@Anonymous: I would have preferred to know your name.
Anyway, thanks for the link even if is really shocking.

Gavin Heaton said...

Gia ... I have been vegetarian for around 20 years -- it started out exactly for these reasons. Now of course, I don't even think of it.

gianandrea said...

Gavin, I believe that most people is making his mind facing videos and pictures like these. And we have to spread the word. As said, I do not want to turn people vegetarian, I want to turn people to the highest respect towards animals.