Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Facebook and The Da Vinci code

I read this interesting article from The Guardian, author Tom Hodgkinson, about Facebook.
The approach looks like the one of a spy story, with conspirancy, secret service and political lobbies.
But it is fascinating because you never know where is the twilight zone, the limit between thruth and fantasy.

Personally, I do not like much Facebook and feel that there something wrong with it. I totally agree with the journalist when it comes to the ridicolous Facebook privacy policy. I hardly follow him when it comes to mention an involvment of CIA.

Anyway, I would be itnerested in having your thoughts about it.

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Jen, writer Membership Millionaire said...

Facebook was exciting especially in the beginning. People had fun adding other people up and tinkering with all the other programs you can have fun with. However, it is also true that these so-called social networking sites don't really support honest to goodness connections with real people. Basically, it's the ads that are really doing all the networking.

gianandrea said...

Thank for your comment. It is also true that there are a lot of social network around, we are invited to join the newest but I feel that we dilute the experience and the interactions, of course.