Friday, October 19, 2007

The times they are a-changin'

Once upon a time, there were icon brands that had never to regret for their strategy: everything they did was ok, at least for many fans.

But today, oh today, nothing is granted for anybody. And this is true for them as well.

Take the Apple recent history: for two times in few weeks, the company went under fire.
The first time was with the IPhone price drop.
The second one was some weeks ago, when Apple released an update to the iPhone that erased programs made by independent developers and caused some phones to freeze up.

Then yesterday the NYTimes published this news: Apple to Open iPhone Programming to Outsiders.

What impressed me was a comment from a Gartner analyst, Michael McGuire, who said that
"the developer kit came as little surprise and that Apple probably had planned one all along".

Now, if this is so, why the hell they did not announced timely?
If what Steve Jobs say is right, why they did not announced when launched the IPhone?

On the other side, if they did a misjudgment, why do not just acknowledge?

Companies do not longer live in an ebony tower.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A share over 600 usd

(Screenshot image with Paparazzi)
Yesterday I was reading the New York Times online Tech page and was amazed by this consideration: in the same page, there are 5 articles about Google.
One was about Google, You Tube and advertising, the second one about Google shares, the third one about GPhone, the fourth one about advertising and phone going together and the fifth one about cloud computing.
Now I pose myself some questions:

  1. Do journalists have Google shares?
  2. Google is the hottest company right now?
  3. Google is expected to become the most influent company in the world?
  4. Google does have an outstanding pr and press office?
  5. Google management is done by geniuses only?
What's your opinion?

Monday, October 01, 2007

Facebook and the naked truth

Reading Tangerine Toad post on Daily Fix, I have had some bad feelings on many supposed smart marketers and cool companies.
And it got worst when I thought about many of the latest hype of the net.

And when I think about Facebook I have some question of what I believe Facebook is and isn't.

Facebook is a playground and it is not the panacea for the marketing of the future. Right or wrong?

Facebook is a spot where marketers have to learn how people interact and not to step in and try to generate not required conversation. Right or wrong?

Facebook is not another Second Life. Right or wrong?

Facebook is another bandwagon to jump on now. Right or wrong?

Facebook is just a smarter community but for how long? Right or wrong?

Facebook is ..... what the hell is it?