Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A share over 600 usd

(Screenshot image with Paparazzi)
Yesterday I was reading the New York Times online Tech page and was amazed by this consideration: in the same page, there are 5 articles about Google.
One was about Google, You Tube and advertising, the second one about Google shares, the third one about GPhone, the fourth one about advertising and phone going together and the fifth one about cloud computing.
Now I pose myself some questions:

  1. Do journalists have Google shares?
  2. Google is the hottest company right now?
  3. Google is expected to become the most influent company in the world?
  4. Google does have an outstanding pr and press office?
  5. Google management is done by geniuses only?
What's your opinion?


Lewis Green said...


Good questions. As I think about my journalism experiences, something doesn't feel right about focusing so extensively on one company.

Valeria Maltoni said...

There's more. I was watching CNN today as my lunch was warming up in the bistro's microwave and saw that they were talking about Google Earth Maps... something about concerns over privacy, etc. Or should we be concerned over primacy?

gianandrea said...

Lewis, when a company is embarking in new ambitious project needs some good publicity to sustain the shares but what I saw yesterday seemed to much to me. I agree with Valeria about the concer over primacy. It is true that this was the issue about Microsoft few years ago and that they were lately sanctioned by the ECC. But this time, the approach seems far more subtle and hard to be fully understood.