Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Le Web 3

I'm attending Le Web 3 conference in Paris.
The first day has been rather interesting about the magic world of the Web 2.0 business.

Well, I have some feelings and not at all positive:
  1. the market is trying to squeeze in a new world an old school model of revenue
  2. this model is apparently not working (see the Facebook awfull move)
  3. no one has any idea on how to make it working
Worst, the boss of Twitter admitted that they have no idea of the future development of Twitter.

So, now, I have some questions and an advice for all of you reading this post:

  1. is a new bubble is behind the corner?
  2. any suggestion to the people in the board of the social network companies?
  3. is the ability to write business plan more important than the ability to design a revenue model?

The advice is : if you plan to buy a house in the valley, just wait a while. Prices may drop down soon.


Gavin Heaton said...

Thanks for the real estate advice, G ... I was just wondering where to stash my millions ;)

There has definitely been a whole raft of silliness around valuations with a lot of speculative money flowing into anything with a 2.0 or a "beta" in the business name. But this has always been the way ... it worked this way hundreds of years ago, and "ideas" continue to catch our attention and open our wallets.

gianandrea said...

Gavin, I know that you from down under are plenty of money to spend....
I have to tell you that the feeling that so few people seems to have projects other than get as much cash is possible, is embarassing.

Mario Vellandi said...

'build it and they will come' is a persistent ideology. 'Where is the money?' is often left in the air to figure out later, or handed to the purchasing company if sold.

Some things are just nice toys

Mack Collier said...

"# the market is trying to squeeze in a new world an old school model of revenue
# this model is apparently not working (see the Facebook awfull move)"

You're exactly right. It's funny because 'social networking' is Web 2.0, but as you said, when the community is created, the attempts to monetize them is very Web 1.0.

Now what will happen when the Web 2.0 initiatives are monetized using Web 2.0 thinking? I believe we are already seeing this in companies such as Threadless.

gianandrea said...

Mario, yes, sometimes there is this feeling as we were playing with nice toys. But how many money is invested on these toys?
Mack, we still have to figure out too many things. Monetize is the mantra of the moment: a lot of talk about but no real money, apparently.
And as a good friend of mine said: no money, no play. Poor money, poor play.

Lewis Green, bizsolutionsplus said...


Stopped by to offer you my blessings of peace for the holidays and to wish you a fabulous and prosperous 2008!