Friday, September 21, 2007

Think different? Not even this time

For the second time in few weeks, Apple does another huge mistake.
The launch in the European market of the IPhone may prove to be another loss of grip on the reality of a different market.

The first launch will be in Uk, then France and Germany. Then Italy.
The technology adopted to support the web browsing is based on Wi-fi spots.

Now, I do not know who was building the business plan for the launch but:

Italy is by far the biggest market in Europe for Smartphone
Italian consumers are by far the fastest in adopting new smart devices and in replacing the older devices
Italy is not covered by a significant network of Wi-fi spots
Italy is the second market in Europe for density of mobile phones (number of device vs population), first is Luxembourg

Not to take in consideration these figures in developing the product was a huge mistake as it is now to market it with huge limitation for the biggest market.

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Lewis Green said...


You should share your insights with Apple. They seem to not understand the audience or the technological capabilities in Europe. On the other hand, they might have other reasons, such as supply chain, for their launch order.

As always, keep on keepin' on!

gianandrea said...

Lewis, what I see as an original sin in most of today marketing is the lack of flexibility. I understand that cost control is a key factor to success but this way still remind me more the mass market of yesterday than the tailored market of tomorrow.